Nova Scotia, A Unique Canadian Travel Destination, If You’re Going To Visit A Canadian Province!

Nova Scotia is a unique province situated in Eastern Canada. Here are the “Top 10” reasons to visit this great Canadian Province.
There are many places and things for you to enjoy while spending time in N.S. Here we are only going to talk about a few “Top 10” destinations and things that one must experience in this province.
Having lived here for all of my 52 years, I have traveled throughout most of the province, and every now and then I find myself surprised at the things I find. It may be something as simple as a look-off that I had never been too, or great scenery “that my wife enjoys to great extent so she can add to her huge database of pictures she has taken from traveling along Nova Scotia shores throughout her life”, it never ceases to amaze me what a true gem this province really is.
1. The Bay of Fundy is a natural in itself, but taking in a whale watching tour will surely bring a tingle to your soul, there are many species of whales that play in the Bay of Fundy and some of the best places to reserve your whale watching tour is in Briar Island, found in Digby Co. If you ever find the time to take in this tour, you surely will be talking about it for years to come. PS: Don’t forget to bring a friend.
2. From boating to swimming in some of the large lakes found throughout many regions of NS, the fun on our waters does not stop in inland waterways. Taking the saltwater plunge for a great scuba diving experience or maybe belly up to a deep sea fishing excursion that is available in many coastal regions that are easily accessible by car. If none of the above is to your liking simply spending a bit of time relaxing on a beach or seashore either reading a book or taking in the native wildlife can be spiritual at best. The spring and summer months are the best choices for you to indulge in these avenues.
3. Bike the many miles of paths found throughout the scenic areas surrounding top destinations and points of interests. For those of you that are not familiar with our largest cities, such as Halifax and Dartmouth, you will be surprised at the biking options surrounding these large cities. My own son has been going to college in HFX for over 3 years and is an avid bicycle and every weekend he finds different locations to explore on his bicycle. If you own a bicycle, do not forget it when you visit with us!
4. A relaxing day may consist of camping, canoeing or Kayaking, or maybe just simply visiting a park as a great way to spend a relaxing day, Kejimkujik and Shubenacadie are among our “must visit” best parks to visit while spending time here. “Don’t forget to bring your camera”
5. Most of us have heard of Sable Island, but very few of us have set foot there! If this is of interest to you, please contact your local government representative as the first part of your plan to visit this island, it is of great importance to note: If you wish to visit Sable Island and see an actual Sable Island horse, there is a lot of red tapes to go through prior to attempting this top destination. “Definitely worth the effort to get permission to visit this great place”
6. Small towns & villages; Small towns and villages are found encircling this entire province. I believe that if you enjoy spending time taking in scenic small towns and villages found throughout your travels, the Evangeline Trail should be one of your top dive destinations. The Southwest Nova Scotia towns found on the trail, “The many small Acadian communities” is a must travel piece of roadway for you to enjoy, take in the many accessible wharf’s and the “soon to be extinct” lighthouses that are still visible for you to fill your photo albums of great scenic photographs for you to enjoy in many years to come.
7. Take a trip to Peggy’s Cove – Visit Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, take in a great meal at the Sou’Wester Restaurant, visit the tourist Gift Shop that is located at Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse. This picturesque destination can be found just 35 minutes from Halifax Nova Scotia on the scenic Lighthouse Route along the Southeast Shore of Nova Scotia.
Peggy’s Cove is the location where Swiss air Flight 111 Crashed on 02 September 1998″. Remember that sad day, cast among a unique rock landscape is the memorial for the victims of Swissair Flight 111.
8. Visit a Halifax Gallery: A local gallery found at the Public Archives Building in Halifax, shows the work of sculptor/painter – William E. deGarthe. William E. deGarthe (1907-1983) who was born in Finland eventually immigrated to Canada in 1926. Initially, he studied art in Europe, moved on to the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, and also under Stanley Royle at Mount Allison University found in Sackville NB. He then taught at the former Nova Scotia College of Art and owned deGarthe Advertising Art in Halifax.
For many years, deGarthe spent the best part of spring and summer at Peggy’s Cove, where he also painted marine scenes that included residents of the village and other nearby coastal communities in his work. To this day, there are literally hundreds of his paintings hanging in homes, offices, and galleries found around the world.
Must see this; He sculpted an outcropping 30 m (100 ft) granite face of rock which he named Fisherman’s Monument which he dedicated to Nova Scotian fisherman.
9. Move Nova Scotia at the top of your list of travel destinations, our unique adventures, and great travel destinations will put a smile on your face. This article could go on and on forever, the many caves that could be explored, the many museums we have yet to talk about, such as the Tuna Wharf Museum” You might not have heard about it but people from around the world visit here!, and the Cabot Trail that we have yet to talk about, “if you were to take a drive here in the fall it would leave you in awe, I could go on and on and on… Put this place on your list of places to visit. NS gives the traveler a unique perspective on travel destinations. Come on in and visit Nova Scotia, enjoy the unique adventures this great travel destination has to offer.
10. It will not take a lot of time before you get a sense of how friendly Nova Scotians are. One Great Province.