Solo Travel Preparation Guide for Beginners

Solo travel may sound hard to do, especially if you are accustomed to going together with family or friends. Maybe you would imagine later you will get lost or other bad scenarios. Though solo travel also has its own advantages that you will not get if on vacation busy.

You only need to think about your own expenses and you can explore many places because you don’t have to follow the plans and desires of others. Exciting, right? Well, for solo travel that is safe and comfortable, read the guide here.

Prepare mentally and physically

When you travel around, the load will be carried together. However, while solo travel, you are solely responsible for all your decisions. There are times when the decision takes you to an unpleasant situation. For that, so that you are not surprised when faced with such a situation, prepare yourself mentally.

Instill in your mind that solo travel will not be scary. If later things happen that are less fun, just think of it as a “life lesson” to tell a friend. Don’t forget to prepare physically, too! Especially if the destination you are heading to has a heavy terrain like a mountainous area.

Don’t forget packing!

You could say packing is the most important part of solo travel. The right packing will help you have a kind of weapon to deal with various possibilities later. Make a list of what you have to bring for your first solo trip. Never miss personal medicines and travel documents such as your passport and ticket.

To make your trip safer, don’t forget to bring a smartphone that has been installed with a security application. Now there are many security applications that you can download for free. Be sure to also share your plans with family or friends so that they do not cause concern.

Try to find out about local languages

Before starting your journey, try to learn the local language. Find out how to say “hello”, “thank you”, or even typical gestures for saying “yes” and “no”. Giving a “no” gesture is often more effective for expressing rejection than saying “no”.

This will really help you during solo travel. After all, the only help you can get while traveling solo is from local residents. In general, local people will feel happy if you try to learn local languages. They will appreciate your efforts and help as much as possible.

Always alert

One important thing about solo travel is that you must guarantee your own safety. No friends or family will take care of you during the trip. For that, try to always be vigilant during solo travel. Before leaving, find out about vulnerable places in your city or country,

Try to avoid vulnerable places before being forced. Always pay attention to luggage and never carry items that are prone to inviting crime such as expensive jewelry or gadgets. Calculate the possibility of fraud. Immediately avoid when there is a suspicious situation.

Find cheap accommodations and transportation

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Solo traveling is apparently not so scary, huh. The point is, the press must be perfect so that it can minimize the obstacles on the trip. Happy traveling solo.