Vacation and Holiday Rentals in Helsinki for Travellers

Helsinki provides numerous vacation rentals and holiday hire houses and hotels for your stay in the city. All the houses are fully equipped with basic amenities with lodging and self-catering facilities and other conveniences. One can find a suitable vacation rental easily via any website or on phone. It is advisable to know all the specifics and research carefully about a rental house in advance before booking one.

It offers a wide variety of hotel options for a comfortable and convenient stay within the city itself. There are more than 30 hotels which are situated a few kilometers from the city center. The hotels are of different levels from five-star luxury hotels to low priced hotels depending on one’s preferences. Some of the most popular five-star international hotels are Hilton Helsinki Strand, Hotel Kamp, Crown Plaza Helsinki, Palace Hotel etc. which offer high standard services to their customers. These hotels are fully equipped with leisure facilities like gym, tennis court, swimming pool etc along with exquisite restaurants. The other hotels around the area also offer standard services to their visitors and are more economical as compared to these hotels. Depending on one’s spending, you can decide which hotel would suit your needs the best.

Another cheap option while staying in Helsinki is to consider Youth Hostels. The hostel or an apartment hotel provides you a comfortable stay with pricing starting with 20 euros per person for a night. Helsinki offers several hostel options for the overnight stay for economic travelers. A few popular hostels around Helsinki are the Eurohostel Oy, Hostel Academica, Stadion Hostel etc. This hostel is located near the main attractions and have all the basic amenities with dining options and a sauna.
Helsinki Bed & Breakfast hotels also prove a moderate vacation rental option, especially during summer. There are numerous websites which offer great bargains on these hotels. Bed & Breakfast are fully equipped flats and a great option to explore this city while staying within the city limits. They take care of all your needs so you do not have to worry about anything and just enjoy the place.

If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are several country house and hotel alternatives for a stay outside the city. These holiday houses provide one with a comfortable and serene atmosphere and are easily accessible by car or any other means of public transport. Some hotels like Hilton Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel etc. also offer eco-friendly accommodation options which provide you hotel beds with smaller carbon content for environmental lovers.