What is so special about a trip to Dubai

Dubai is the hub for a great family vacation and it is guaranteed that you would have a great time during your Dubai city tour. It’s a perfect travelling destination for you and your family. All you need to do is consider everyone’s needs and then plan accordingly what you need to do while you are on your Dubai city tour. These vacations would give you a chance to explore the city in a complete new way, it will for sure bring your family closer and you will surely enjoy. During your Dubai city tour you would find almost all activities for everyone. We shall be discussing how different needs shall be fulfilled during your Dubai city tour.

If you are someone who is gone to Dubai just for exploring and sightseeing then you main target should be all of the great famous places that Dubai has. You should start your Dubai city tour by firstly booking yourself either a great city tour. The first most prominent and the famous place you would be able to find is the burj khalifa you would be standing at top of the world’s most tallest building and you would get a whole glimpse of the city at once. This would surely be beautiful and a great start to your Dubai city tour. Secondly place that you would want to go during your Dubai city tour is the Jumeirah. Now this place itself holds a number of tourist’s spots that you can visit. The first thing would be burj-al-arab which should be followed by a tour to the Plam Island which is a manmade island in the shape of a palm tree. The other two main places that you can see here is the famous jumeirah beach which is far the most important place during your Dubai city tour. You can also visit the famous jumeirah mosque that is worth seeing.

Secondly if you are someone who would love loves shopping then Dubai city tour would give you a lot of chances of grabbing great deals at different malls the most famous ones are the mall emirates, the Dubai mall. On the other hand if you are on a budgeted trip and you need to reduce your expenses Dubai will have all the best options for you, head out to the Dubai outlet mall and you will be able to grab all the great discount offers. Other than that you should also go visit the naif market which is a bargain market and you can find great stuff there too. Gold and spice souk are other great places that you can shop around.

The last thing that you can find in Dubai are all the famous activities that Dubai is famous for, during your Dubai city tour make sure that you book yourself a desert safari tour, dhow cruise dinner, Aquaventure water park ticket, Lego land and Dubai aquarium. These activities will surely add a great excitement during your Dubai city tour and you will enjoy to the fullest.